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 Nursing Concierge Service

About Us

Beneath My Wings Nursing Concierge Services has over 20 years of medical, surgical and 10 years of cosmetic surgery experience. Therefore, our staff is highly trained in post-surgical care. 

While the experience of surgery can be demanding physically and emotionally, providing short term supportive care can take the burden off you and your loved ones.

We will strive to make your transition after

surgery very seamless.


Our services will prioritize the safety, wellness, and comfort of our clients. The services offered are specialized to fit each individual client needs.

Your care team will prioritize your safety, wellness and comfort, while providing service to fit your needs.

Please contact us in regards to care package customization.

Body Massage

The first 24-48 hours after surgery is quite important for your recovery. We will diligently assist you in following your surgeon's post-operative care instructions so you will have the best chance of avoiding complications.

Our Reviews

What Patients Say

"After deciding to undergo extensive outpatient surgery, my wife asked for a referral from her surgeon for post-operative in-home care and was given the name of Alicia Coleman RN, an experienced surgical and recovery room nurse, the owner of “Beneath My Wings”, for post-op care. As a retired physician I knew well the advanced level of home care this surgery would require.  Nurse Coleman (Alicia) was contacted, plans were made for care following surgery, and financial agreements were settled.  A pre-op visit to our home and interview followed, and materials to be used post-op were delivered. Surgery went well but as usual in medicine, things don’t always go as planned and my wife required an extended afternoon and night at the surgery center before returning home. Despite this significant change in schedule, Alicia and her staff handled the changes without a problem.  Alicia was ready the following evening and full patient care ensued with expert changing of bandages and monitoring of the patient.  The personal attention was excellent and both nights passed without incident, plus I got a good night’s sleep two nights in a row. The bedroom and bath were also cleaned, and the kitchen dishes put away while they were at our home.  After the two nights of care, Alicia has also checked in every day for a progress report, and has visited twice for patient care review. Beneath My Wings/Alicia Coleman RN have been of great service to us with excellent
post-operative care, and Alicia and her staff have been most personable and a pleasure to have in our home, a great combination."

Charles MacNeill MD

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