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Exclusively focusing on you, our dedication is in assuring you are worry free, achieve optimal results and a
peace of mind. Our ultimate goal is to genuinely provide you with quality, compassionate and supportive care.

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Supportive Services

  • assist with medication administration

  • drain care assistance

  • assist with bathing and dressing

  • assist with dressing changes & wound care 

  • light housekeeping

  • meal prep

  • errands (5 mile radius)

  • education

  • communicate with your surgeon as needed

  • aftercare service support

  • telehealth wellness check

  • provide transportation

Consultation & Plan of Care

We offer free consultations to our perspective clients to ensure we prioritize your safety, wellness and comfort.


Our plan of care and services are customize to fit each clients individual needs.

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Preventing Post Op Complications

Although not all post-op complications can be prevented, some can be avoided through immediate care after surgery and throughout the healing process.

Body Massage

The first 24-48 hours after surgery is quite important for your recovery. We will diligently assist you in following your surgeon's post-operative care instructions so you will have the best chance of avoiding complications.

Preventive Measures Include:

  • proper hand hygiene (handwashing)

  • pulmonary exercise

  • early ambulation (walking)

  • dressing changes

  • wound care

  • pain management

  • diet

  • education

Bath Products
Shaved Legs

Risk & Complications

Surgical complications impact many patients every year, and when post-op complications occur, they can disrupt the normal healing cycle and introduce new obstacles in patient care. 

Between 3% & 27% of surgical patients have unforeseen complications related to their surgical event.

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