To recognize the unique worth of each individual. Believing in them and their potential for greatness.  This will be obtain by building a foundation starting with honest relationships, being committed, providing transparency and education.



To promote spiritual, mental, personal, physical and financial growth through life lessons and education.


Guided by Christian principles, while purpose driven to empower, inspire and motivate underprivileged youths.

Providing the knowledge base and tools necessary to obtain and sustain a functional quality of life, while capitalizing on their abilities and strengths for development and growth.

My Personal Goals For The Program

1. To empower through educating

2. To serve with passion

3. To let them know their well-being is cared for

Trust your intuition and success will follow


Program Objectives:

1. Establish life goals (assist with action planning and goal setting)

2. Achievement of being self-sufficient

3. Self awareness and esteem

4. Stress reduction

5. Mental health (emotional intelligence)


7. Sexuality

8. Personal Hygiene/cleanliness

9. Recreation

10. Spirituality

11. Foundation building

12. Accountability and responsibility

For Daily Motivation

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